The Team

Founder & Director

Naomi started 4WD in 2006; an anti-violence awareness movement and concert 4WD: THE LAUNCH responding to the rise in youth violence and gang culture in London. 4WD: THE LAUNCH set a legacy for 4WD because of its resounding ability to engage, represent and inform young people. Over 800 young people attended and 15 acts from all over the UK performed on the night. Over the last three years 4WD has grown into The 4WD Foundation.

Naomi studied Management at Royal Holloway, University of London where she successfully ran both the Entrepreneurship & Management Societies, winning numerous awards and inter-university competitions. She founded the university SIFE team and was the Make Your Mark Student Ambassador for London. She now sits on the Channel 4 Educational Advisory Board and is the Youth Trustee for the Donald Chesworth Educational Trust.

Sarah Akwisombe has worked for Barnet Council as a youth music worker for the past 2 years. She is a well-respected musician by the name of Goldielocks and runs her own independent record label. Through her youth music experience she has found new ways of engaging hard to reach young people who’ve often had a criminal past. After losing a young person due to youth violence, Sarah realised that the right projects can give young people much better options and help them make crucial life decisions.

Head of Research

Paul first met Naomi a couple of years ago thanks to his brother and since then Paul has been searching for a way to use his unique set of skills to help move her vision 4WD!!! Initially joining the movement as part of the research team, Paul received the unexpected privilege of being promoted within his first week and is looking forward to the adventure ahead.
Paul completed his Masters in Global Politics & International Relations at the University of Southampton in 2006. He currently works full-time for public affairs consultancy Cogitamus where he acts as their anchor in Westminster, attending Parliamentary debates and preparing briefings, reports and evidential material for Select Committee hearings, Public Inquiries, Public Consultations as well as Party and Trade Unions Conferences. Paul is also co-founding director of award winning social enterprise Aspecks.
Head of Partnerships & Events

Chi is consistently always on the lookout for dynamic youth organisations/work she can get involved in and on a regular proactive search fortunately came across 4WD during the recruitment drive for Borough Managers. Instantly she was strongly drawn to want to be a part of what appeared to be a fantastic vision in supporting young people and on meeting with Naomi this was confirmed. Chi was highly encouraged by her passion and the common hopes and ideas they both shared and from that moment on just knew that she had to be involved, thus her journey with 4WD began!

Chi is an ambitious woman of many virtues, but particularly with a burning passion to empower young people to move 4WD and fulfill their full potential. Her background experience has been diverse to say the least with foundations beginning in the legal field to now pursuing a career path in Youth and Community Work; and is currently doing professional related studies. At present, Chi is working in the area of Youth Work Policy and Performance which involves developing and implementing innovative strategies in order to guarantee young people are effectively supported in accessing more opportunities available to them, but most importantly ensure they achieve enhanced positive outcomes.

Research Assistant

Samson is currently a student at Goldsmiths, University of London studying BA Politics and Economics. He is the Vice-President of the ACS 10/11. Samson is fascinated with current affairs particularly politics and social policy. The realities of war, economic changes and historical precedents within the justice system have stimulated his search for further knowledge, understanding and reflection of those areas. This passion has seen him get involved in various political activity, such as being a young advisor for the Local Government and Communities role model initiative ‘REACH’, speaking at high profile inquires such the ‘Stephen Lawrence Inquiry 10 years on’ and working for crime prevention lobby organisations such as the Peace Alliance. He also the Central Events Coordinator for student led social enterprise Elevation Networks. Samson’s hobbies include acting in theatre productions on social issues, watching documentaries, and getting involved in any activity that challenges his thinking.

He currently is undertaking the post of a researcher at 4WD to help change the face of his community through the access of information. 4WD allows puts him on a platform whereby he can make a positive impact to his peers and those who seek to be role model in their own communities.

PA to Director

After contacting Naomi about 4WD, Emma has been buzzing with excitement. She feels extremely honoured and grateful to be part of the 4WD team. She understands the pressures which young people face and now that she’s approaching adulthood, she wants to help the youth in any way possible.

Emma has a bubbly personality and loves to meet new friends along the way. She likes to participate in sponsored charity events, especially when fancy dress is involved! She also loves to attend film premieres, exhibitions and award ceremonies to watch local and international talent.

Emma grew up in Croydon and Tooting so she has a big heart for London. At the moment, she lives in Crawley with her family, but hopes to move back into the city she loves the most!

She is currently studying a combined honours degree in Journalism and Creative Writing at Roehampton University. Her dream is to become a writer for television and stage. Her reality is to keep on striving and smile!


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