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The WFTV Mentoring Scheme London are searching for women who have more than 5 years experience working in TV, Film, Digital Production or Business roles.

Selected candidates will receive six hours of mentoring contact with an experienced industry figure. They will also be able to attend many seminars, training workshops and networking opportunities.

It’s a great way to expand on your career!

Want to find out more? Here’s the link:

Deadline for applications is 31st July, Midnight.



You’ve got the passion and potential to work in TV, new media or gaming. So what’s stopping you?

No qualifications?

No experience?

Do you think you are too old?

Think you are the wrong ethnic background?

Forget all that. We’re not about labels, we’re about talent.

The doors are open to anyone looking to put a foot on the first rung of the media ladder, irrespective of age, background of academic accomplishment.

The placements on offer will be based in digital production and television production roles, to reflect the changing trans-media landscape of the UK, giving trainees an all-round view of their chosen sector and a variety of new experiences.


On Saturday 9th July 2011, we will be hosting an assessment day at Channel 4’s HQ. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend. The final successful candidates will be selected at the end of the day and offered a place on the scheme. The annual salary of £17,500 will be funded jointly by 4Talent and the company for whom they are working.  Channel 4 will pay for all associated training, which will be delivered by media training company ThinkBIGGER, which will start in September 2011 and run until September 2012.


Check out all the opportunities open to you!