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LIVES NOT KNIVES have organised a youth conference, ‘Putting the Record Straight.’

When? 31st March

Time? 3-6pm

Where? Abbey Community Centre, 34 Great Smith Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3BU.

The mission

We want to make a difference on our streets and we can only do this by gaining the support of the people who can make a difference. We think it is time that the young people of London had their chance to speak and in fact “Put the Record Straight” to significant policy makers and make sure not only that their voices are heard, but the right changes are made.

What’s the point?

To show dignitaries, Metropolitan Police, Youth Justice Board, Home Office, Politicians, policy makers, adults, parents, teachers..

…How life really is for young people on the streets of London, how youth violence is affecting our lives and the real changes that need to be made to make London a safer place for young people.


Please show your support and register yourself a free ticket to the event!

Click the link:


I was asked to speak on behalf of The 4WD Foundation with the wonderful Captain Sam Conniff of Livity at this Summer’s Channel 4 Education Conference on “What you really need to know, but never never learn at school“.

Sam and I combined our knowledge and experiences that have come from working with young people who aren’t in education, employment or training (NEET) to present the huge impact that educational irrelevance has on these young people. We also spoke about how unhelpful and isolating acronyms like ‘NEET’ are.

Here are some of the main insights that we shared: (more…)