Current Projects

The 4WD Foundation will continually work, both independently and in partnership with other organisations, to help young people develop and maintain a positive and beneficial relationship with information in order to empower them to get the most out of their life.

I am Here – Clocktower Arts

As part of the Are We Here? Festival taking place in Croydon this November, The 4WD Foundation is managing the Youth Engagement for the I am Here film competition. For more details see our blog post about the competition here and check out the Are We Here Youtube channel.

For  more info email

The Marketing Collective – Clocktower Arts

The Marketing Collective is a new initiative to enhance and establish youth participation in the marketing department at the Clocktower. Ten lucky young people will win a part-time marketing and media orientated apprenticeship at the Clocktower Arts HQ and receive full training and support in their new roles. The 4WD Foundation are pleased to announce that we will be managing all Youth Recruitment, Engagement and Training aspects of the apprenticeship scheme.

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MPD – Ignite

{Coming soon}

4WD Pilot Projects

We have secured funding for two pilot youth engagement projects, both orientated around soft skill development and peer-to-peer information provision, one in research (Think 4WD) and one online (Move 4WD).

Both pilots will take place in Croydon and will determine The 4WD Foundation’s future direction. The project outcomes will enable us to evaluate or activities and improve our methods and strategies as we roll out across London, and eventually worldwide.


This project is all about getting the opinions of young people on how they want to access information about opportunities for them. We are recruiting the Think4WD team, who will be trained in the latest research skills to go out into their community and find out 4WD can best meet the needs of youth today.      For more info e-mail


This is all about getting 4WD online so that young people can access information about opportunities, advice and resources that are relevant to them. This is the centre piece of our work and the most important part of The 4WD Foundation.

The MOVE4WD website is run by the MOVE4WD team and will begin with a pilot in Croydon. The MOVE4WD team will be given digital training and equipment to go into their community and find out which opportunities are available to them, upload it onto the website and share it with other youth.
For more info e-mail


4WD: UNITE is an anti-segregation and pro-unity themed event aimed at encouraging London’s youth to celebrate the diversity of young London’s cultural identity through performing arts and new media. The event aims to empower young people to unite against the unacceptable behaviour of the minority and subsequent bad press and consequently continue to contribute positively to their communities and wider society, whilst also influencing their peers to do the same.
For more info e-mail
  1. John Nguyen says:

    I wanted to subscribe to the work you do at 4wd Foundation. You guys are brilliant!

    Focus Anatomy
    Founder and CEO
    John Nguyen

  2. I wanted to subscribe to the work you do at 4wd Foundation. You guys are brilliant!

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