Past Projects

Google Enterprise Apprenticeships : July/ August 2010

The Google Enterprise Apprenticeship pilot programme fondly known as the GEA was a project supported by Google and project managed by Livity. 10 young (18-24) ex-offenders were given the opportunity to attend a free three week long full time business planning course full of training, networking and skill development.

We at The 4WD Foundation were selected to design and deliver the 3 week course, given our entrepreneurial know-how and our past successes working with young people who have had a rough time.

The GEA was a huge success with 100% apprentice retention rate and continual self-appraisal throughout the course showing 71% of apprentices’ responses indicated a positive increase in self-perceived ability. 67% of apprentices experienced a self-perceived increase in emotional strength, 67% of apprentices experienced a self-perceived increase in social strength, 78% of apprentices experienced a self- perceived increase in their business knowledge.

4WD : THE LAUNCH : August 2007

4WD’s launch event ‘4WD: THE LAUNCH’, supported by the Big Boost, Choice FM and the Metropolitan Police was an anti-violence awareness concert/exhibition which challenged the apathetic mentality amongst young people about youth crime and gang culture.

It took place at Fairfield Halls in August 2007 with an audience of over 800 young people attending the entertainment-packed evening. A voluntary workforce of over 250 under 25 year olds  were actively involved in the campaign and event management over the spring and summer; through preparation, promotion, performance and event management on the night itself.

One MC traveled all the way from Liverpool to perform and there were presentations from the Safety Box, The UK Youth parliament and Operation Trident & its Independent Advisory Group. Over 15 youth orientated organisations were present at the event offering attendees the opportunity to find out more about their services and sign up to free courses and workshops / experiences post the event.


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