Happy Clients & Partners

“I first met Naomi when she joined the Getting British Business Online campaign to add much needed energy and dedication to our partner program. We met again when Naomi led the mentoring of 10 ex young-offenders as part of the first Google Enterprise Apprenticeship program. Naomi did an amazing job transforming 10 shy, novice apprentices into polished, confident entrepreneurs in 3 action packed weeks. She’s always enthusiastic, understands how to communicate with people from all backgrounds, is a source of real inspiration and most importantly gets results! I’m really happy we got the chance to work together on this project.”

James Elias: Head of UK Business Marketing

“Thank you so much for collaborating with BELS and our media group of young NEETS. For them to have the opportunity to work on the Up The Tempo Event was an amazing experience and something tangible to put on their CV. As you know our project outcome is based on getting young people into sustained work, I believe that the experience they gained from working with you gave them the teamwork, leadership, time management skills and communication skills that can transfer into various job roles.”

Sue Murkin: Project Manager Employability & Training

“”I attended 4WD: THE LAUNCH event a couple of years ago and I was genuinely impressed by the professional production that was put on.  The message of being positive and proactive has never been more important to young people and events like this are definitely a strong example of what young people can do when given the right support and tools.  Choice FM’s Peace on the Streets campaign supported 4WD: THE LAUNCH as it typified what our campaign stood for which is choosing a good path and helping to motivate peace in our communities.”

Nadine Neckles: Community Manager


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