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Remember ‘Lives Not Knives’ event?

Well…Eliza Rebeiro, Founder of the event, has been nominated to become Virgin Media’s Pioneer of the Month.

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“I don’t know how to start this since I am not too good at writing blogs, but as a means of introduction to you all, My name is Serge, I served as the Head of Engagement for 4WD. This blog is a kind of good bye blog since I am stepping down from this position. The choice to step down from this position was completely my own and in no way reflects the quality of leadership within 4WD.

My time at 4WD has been short but very sweet, I have been inspired by the aspirations of the 4WD team and all they are accomplishing. My stepping down from the head of engagement position creates a position for any hopefuls out there, who are seeking a vehicle which will enable them to make a tremendous impact within society.
It’s been a privilege for me to have been included as part of the 4WD team and I have learnt a great deal about myself and about leading others through my observation of the leaders of 4WD who served as amazing role models and examples of great leadership.
I’m still excited and passionate about all 4WD is setting out to do which made my decision to leave really hard but the time for any decision has always been within the present so I made it.
I wish everybody at the 4WD team all the success possible, I continue to support the vision and mission of 4WD and also would encourage anybody who happens to stumble into reading this blog to get in contact with a member from 4WD about joining the team if you feel that making a positive impact and difference within society is what you are about……you never know….you may just get selected to be a part of this amazing team
To NJ and the 4WD team… forever have my support!  I will miss the inspiration you gave me.
All the best


Serge has served as 4WD’s Head of Engagement since May 2010 and on behalf of the whole 4WD team we wish him all the best with his future endeavours. He was an absolute asset and will be greatly missed!


This is why we do what we do!

A massive well done to our young Marketing Collective marketeers Chris & Kevina!

We are extremely proud of you!

Croydon Move 4WD is a youth-led project taking place in Croydon October – December 2010 where young people take charge and find out where the positive opportunities, sources of advice and resources are in Croydon. This info will be shared with other young people using a youth-designed and managed website with short videos and interviews.

Very excited to announce that over the coming months we at 4WD will be working closely with the team at Clocktower Arts to support them with youth engagement and participation for two exciting new projects.


So today I had a de-briefing meeting with the wonderful Livity crew (big ups to Mark & Oyin particularly for all their hard work!) who we (The 4WD Foundation) worked with to create and deliver the Google Enterprise Apprenticeships Programme, which is now fondly known as #TeamGEA. Preparations for the next phase of the GEA are already under way, very exciting stuff!

It was an absolute pleasure to work with and support 10 fantastically talented and motivated young entrepreneurs over such an intensive 3 week period.


Hi all!

I hope you are all well. 🙂

I am very excited to announce that for the last three weeks I have been working very hard at the wonderful Livity office in Brixton, designing and developing a brand new 3 week business planning course for the Google Enterprise Apprenticeships (GEA) pilot.

The GEA is a project supported by Google and project managed by Livity. We at The 4WD Foundation were selected to design and deliver the 3 week business planning course, given our entrepreneurial know-how and our past successes working with young people who have had a rough time.