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Are you 11-18 years old?

What’s your view about your school nurse at school, college or sixth form in England?

How can they improve their advice, care and treatment for young people at school?

What do you think school nurses should do to help keep students healthy?

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The British Youth Council (BYC) are running a survey on school nurses with the UK Department of Health to ensure the views of young people shape what school nurses do.

The Department of Health’s decision only affect young people in England but they welcome the responses of young people, aged 11-18 across the UK too.

Deadline for the survey is Sunday 31st July.

Here is a link to the survey:

Are you a member of the Muslim community?

Do you live/work in Croydon?

The Asian Youth Alliance (AYA) need your help!

They need to find members of the Muslim community that can tell them about their stories of living in Croydon in the 40s,50s,60s,70s, 80s and 90s (and if possible, even earlier!)

The Asian Youth Alliance (AYA ) is working with the Museum of Croydon and Croydon’s Local Studies Library to research the history and heritage of the Muslim community in Croydon. They’re looking for members of the Muslim community to take part in a heritage project, crucial for producing archive material to be deposited with the Local Studies Library.

The main aim of the project is to collect stories of the early experiences of the Muslim community in Croydon,  (through recorded oral history interviews) and uncover the history behind the establishment of the mosques and Islamic centres. This is an opportunity to enrich Croydon’s archives with material and accounts from the Muslim community; and to put together a first-hand record of what it was like for the first, second and now third generation of Muslims in the Croydon. 

They believe it is really important that minority communities’ stories and histories are recorded and deposited in public archives. They have discovered that there is very little material with regards to the Muslim community within the Croydon archives, and they have developed this project in partnership with the Museum of Croydon and Croydon’s Local History Library with the intention of adding material to the archives. The project will culminate in an exhibition at the Museum of Croydon which will take place over Ramadan (August) 2011, with an accompanying website. They hope the exhibition and website will attract the wider community and help with cross-cultural understanding.

They hope to record interviews of the Muslim community and collect material – old photographs, film-footage (home/wedding/corporate videos), and other memorabilia (old flyers, posters, receipts, letters, post cards etc.) that can help tell this tale.

As young people are always at the heart of what they do, young people have been trained by the British Library / Oral History Society to conduct and record the oral history interviews. So please do not be surprised if you are contacted or interviewed by a young person and please be patient with them. This is part of their intergenerational element of the project and hope it will assist in passing down stories and experiences from generation to generation. (They have volunteering opportunities to take on some more young people to assist with this project so if you know of a young person that is interested in journalism, film-making, photography, history, events management or would just benefit from participating on this project, then please get in touch).

This is a great opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the preservation of Muslim history and heritage in Croydon and the UK. The material produced from this project will be archived and available for all to research and study for generations to come.

If you are Muslim and have been living and/or working in Croydon for over 10 years and are willing to share your story or know someone that is, (or know a young person that would benefit from participating on this project), then please contact the team:

email:, or

or call/text: 07887 616 555.


Do you live or work in Croydon?

Croydon Council want to hear your thoughts about the ‘Big Society’ concept.

Can Croydon become a bigger and stronger society?

How can we support and strengthen Croydon’s communities through the spending cuts?

You can read the consultation paper by clicking here:

Then, you can share your thoughts about it all by following this link:

Cross Borough Youth Forum need your help!

They’re calling for young people to complete their 3 minute online questionnaire!

It’s anonymous so you can be as blunt as you like!

Show your love and click on this link:

Channel 4 needs you!

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Channel 4 are looking for young people (aged 14-19) to take part in their survey.

Please click on this link:

It will only take a few minutes!

If you are the type  of person they are looking for, they will want to talk to you more! Just leave them your contact details and be prepared for a full telephone interview (around 30-45 minutes).

You might be awarded a music store gift voucher if selected!

Remember, you can help improve Channel 4’s work for the future!

Are you a young person living in Croydon?

Want to have your voice heard regarding youth support services?

Take part in this online survey:

Go on! Whip Croydon into shape!