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”Tabula Rasa” is an amazing new youth led project based in South Norwood for young people aged 11-19. They are currently looking for volunteers to help run the project and need young people to take part in the workshops.

Want to be part of the ‘Tabula Rasa’ team?

The whole team that runs and supports the project are between the ages of 22-24. So the project is run by young people for young people! This means young people will always have a say on how to improve the project. They aim to give young people a chance to learn new skills and encourage them to use their skills to find work and higher education courses.

Or if you are aged 11-19, you can join the workshops?

All the details are in the flyer below:

Also, there are one-to-one support sessions (advice and guidance), anonymous text messaging support service, homework workshops, career advice and support/ C.V writing and mentoring.


If interested, contact via email: or tel: 0771 724 6444

Just found this fantastic brief via Ideastap- it will appeal to all those who love art and drawing!

They are offering a series of five drawing sessions led by Creative Space residents Owen Pomery and Rosie Gainsborough. Each session will cover a classic area of drawing – figure, still life, portrait and urban landscape – with a secondary theme being introduced alongside.

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

For more info, just click on the link:

Do you have 2.1 in Maths, Stats or Further Maths?

Do you have at least 3 A Levels including science/engineering subjects (maths, further maths, physics)?

Channel 4 are running a fantastic Graduate Training Programme, which includes 20 months of hands on experience. You will also gain a Creative Skillset MA in Creative Media Leadership.

Check out the link for more details:

Want to learn how to use ‘Final Cut Pro’ editing software?

The Video College are offering ‘Final Cut Pro’ training for beginners!

It’s a four day course (18th, 19th, 25th and 26th July 2011), 9.30-6pm.

Aims of the course:
To introduce students to video editing using Final Cut Pro. Give a grounding in the basics of editing from DV tape and back to DV tape.

Required knowledge:
Basic computer skills and preferably an understanding of Mac OS systems.

Only a £5 registration fee

Want more info? Check this link out:

Are you 18-25 years old?

Currently unemployed?

Not in full-time education?

Want to get your life back on track?

Well…apply for this fantastic opportunity!

Young Million Campaign are supporting unemployed young people. They are offering a three day course on 3rd, 11th and 16th August 2011.

The ‘Young Million’ course aims to provide unemployed 18-25 year olds the leadership development they would have received if they were in work. This unique 3-day course will provide a rich mix of facilitated workshops, debates, local visits and peer support networks so when they do find a job, they’ll be a step ahead.

You must fit the following criteria:

  • Aged 18-25 years old
  • Currently unemployed, and not in full time education (at the time of the course)
  • Actively looking for employment
  • Resident in the United Kingdom
  • Time and capacity to commit to three full days of on-site learning

You must have the desire or potential to be a leader.  You can demonstrate this through your family, community, work or academic achievement, through current activities or responsibilities and community roles, or through nomination from a friend, family member or colleague.

So……what you waiting for?! GO AND APPLY!

There’s 50 places available!!

To apply, just fill out the application:

Check out what the Cross Borough Youth Forum have been up to!
Read below
On Saturday 4th June, three Xpress workers travelled to a variety of different palaces across the boroughs of Wandsworth and Lambeth
as a part of the Cross Borough Forum.
Our aim was to interview young people and get their views about postcode boundaries, drawing on their own personal experiences and the experiences of those that they know.

We filmed people on the streets, in local parks, at bus stops and on buses. This filming session had a positive outcome, as we were able to interview 10 male/female young people who lived in or hung around the boroughs of Wandsworth and Lambeth. It was interesting to see how similar some of the responses were between the young people, whereas others had totally opposite views.
An observation we made was that males and females definitely had very different experiences in relation to postcode boundaries. The females we interviewed expressed less of a concern on a personal basis and said they were not directly affected by this while all the young males interview said the opposite.
From the research gathered we are able to draw some interesting comparisons and conclusions. We’ll be carrying on with our Vox Pop filming in Bromley and Croydon so look out for us and follow our twits!/CroydonXpress
Written by Xpress Young Workers Kadeem and Simone

Know someone with a knife?

Text Crimestoppers 88551

Texts should include four pieces of information about those carrying knives:

  1. Name and/or Nickname
  2. School
  3. Year
  4. Postcode/Area

Texts are charged at standard network rates. Remember to delete the text from your sent box.

In a bid to help fight knife crime, the charity Crimestoppers is encouraging young people to pass on information about who is carrying knives in their schools, by sending a simple text message to a dedicated anonymous hotline.

Crimestoppers piloted the texting service in London. The pilot, held from August 2008 to April 2009, was hailed a success by both police and young people. The number of pieces of actionable information relating to knife crime received in London trebled from August 2008-March 2009. The service is now being rolled out nationally.

The text messages are routed through special software, developed by mBlox, the world’s largest mobile transaction network, and Anderson Software, applications specialist for law enforcement, to ensure they remain anonymous when passed onto the police. Crimestoppers cannot trace the mobile number or any other details about the text message sender.

Also, check out this website: ttp://