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On Wednesday the Labour Party used what is known as an Opposition Day Debate to call upon the Governments decision to scrap the Education Maintenance Allowance. The motion put forward for debate was “That this House believes that disadvantaged young people should gain greater access to further and higher education; recognises the valuable role that the education maintenance allowance (EMA) has played in supporting young people from less well-off backgrounds to participate and succeed in education; further recognises how EMA has supported choice for students in post-16 education, allowing them to travel to the best institution for their studies, which is of particular importance in rural areas; further notes that EMA is used by the majority of recipients to fund travel to college, as well as books and equipment, and allows recipients to focus on their studies rather than taking a part-time job; notes that EMA has been retained in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; further notes research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies stating that EMA costs are completely offset by its benefits in raising participation; further notes the inquiry into educational access announced by the Education Select Committee; and calls on the Government to rethink its decision on EMA, retaining practical support to improve access to, interest in and participation in further and higher education.”



The Beginning

Posted: 24/04/2010 by 4WD Foundation in The 4WD Journey

omg so we are finally here! This is so exciting! Ok so last night Naomi and I met up on Brick Lane in a Moroccan cafe where we were literally chatting at the top of our voices, non-stop, fast speed for 2 hours. It was until about an hour of our meeting had passed when NJ turned around and said, erm-Amina, I think we’re talkin kind of loudly. Literally, we had just been in our own world! And why, because 4WD is beginning!
Yes, people – it is renewed, the movement is going forward, we have big plans and we want you to join us! Be part of The 4WD Foundation now whilst we’re building the base and essentially, starting to live the dream! We’re recruiting our senior exec team and looking for a Head of Online and Head of Youth Engagement. At the moment NJ is the director and I’m the Head of Research.

We will upload the organisational chart when we’ve done it.

Anyway, there’s so much to say about 4WD. I haven’t even begun to describe the plan and the vision we have. But be warned, as soon as you find out you’re gonna be as excited as I am!

The purpose of this blog is to record the conversation. NJ and I met for the first time last month, because I have an interest in youth-led research and she wanted to move 4WD forward! So we joined teams and she recruited me as the Head of Research for The 4WD Foundation. It all begins there baby, but 4WD has a much longer history which NJ can chat about at some point.

Enjoy people – we look forward to bringing 4WD to you!