Very excited to announce that over the coming months we at 4WD will be working closely with the team at Clocktower Arts to support them with youth engagement and participation for two exciting new projects.

As part of the Are We Here? Festival taking place in Croydon this November, The 4WD Foundation is managing the Youth Engagement for the I am Here film competition. I am Here provides Croydon residents with the opportunity to showcase their film making talent by recording a short film on their mobile phone / camera about themselves, their surroundings and / or how they influence them. To enter the competition the edited film must be uploaded onto the Are We Here? YouTube channel.

Winning films will be picked by a panel of Film, Media and Music industry professionals and be screened at the Clocktower in an ongoing exhibition.

The Marketing Collective is a new initiative to enhance and establish youth participation in the marketing department at the Clocktower. Ten lucky young people will win a part-time marketing and media orientated apprenticeship at the Clocktower Arts HQ and receive full training and support in their new roles. The 4WD Foundation are pleased to announce that we will be managing all recruitment, engagement and training aspects of the apprenticeship scheme.

For more information on either of these projects please email

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